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Welcome to the Eyes on Fetish casting call area



We currently have open castings for the following themes of video content listed below.

Please feel free to copy the list and paste it in your email to us and just delete off the list what you are unwilling to shoot.

Compensation will depend on the Model and the content she is willing to shoot as well her willingness to be a part of the www.eyesonfetish.com family of Models and her commitment level. Lets make a ton of $ together?



Fondling and Sensual/Sexual Massage
Groping and squeezing
Tickling (both clothed and topless or nude)
Hair Washing
Solo Masturbation
Dual Female Masturbation (2 Models to each other)
Female/Male Oral Sex, Male/Female Oral Sex, Female/Female Oral Sex
Ass Worship
Queefing (Pussy Farting)
Douche and Enemas
Balloon Popping
High Heel Walking
Female/Female Domination
Female/Male Domination
Girl/Girl Oral Sex
Girl/Girl Kissing
POV (point of view) Blowjobs
POV (Point of View) Intercourse
Choking Orgasms
Overpowering…. Molesting and forced sex acts
Sleep sex burglar (also some simulated rape scenes)
Boy on Girl and Girl on Boy Oral Sex and 69
Boy/Girl Intercourse Girl/Girl Intercourse with a Strapon (Model must provide)

Also underwater video with a "True Crime/ True Detective theme


Website work up to Penthouse style nudes.


Please submit at least the following information via email to casting@eyesonfetish.com  to be considered.

1) Recent headshot

2) Recent full body shot

3) Any close ups to show off your attributes

4) Nude images of you (Full body preferred)

Sorry but if you are not comfortable with nudity and your sexuality then you probably are not the right candidate for Eyes on Fetish but we still may be able to get you paid work.


Hope to see you in the viewfinder soon!


EoF  :)


Feel free to contact us via email at casting@eyesonfetish.com  for any questions about casting, to provide custom videos or to shoot custom content for your needs. 

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